Aquaballet in Monaco Monte Carlo

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Our entertainment company just had its in-house swimmers to perform at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Monte-Carlo. An insurance corporate company had a three days stay in Monaco and was looking for some kind of entertainment around the swimming pool. As our entertainment company is open late at night, we had a call of the client at around 6:30pm for a performance […]


Mermaid on a boat in Italy

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Talents & Productions was just in Sardinia in Italy for what we can call the “gig of the year”. Not only all performers had the opportunity to travel on a private plane to go from Nice to Sardinia but they also had the opportunity to work on a private boat of 98 meters! Our wonderful MERMAID welcomed all guests swimming around the boat and […]


Water show in Paris

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Having an aquatic event in Paris is it even possible ? Yes it is ! We had our beautiful swimmers from Paris to present a water show on a swimming pool. The city of Paris has asked us to come with some water entertainment for the opening of their new swimming pool. The girls not […]