What Mass Lottery Game is Tonight?

Since 1971, when established by state legislature as an aid vehicle for Massachusetts cities and towns, lottery proceeds have generated more than $27 billion for both the state and its residents. Operated by Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

The Lottery provides a diverse selection of games with the potential to win significant sums every day. Their roster can be broken down into two main categories: instant-win games and draw games; draw games often offer larger potential payouts and can often garner increased media coverage when their jackpots reach millions of dollars.

Instant-win games provide smaller prizes with much lower odds of success, and are currently offered in over 100 forms in Massachusetts alone. This page gives an overview of these offerings as well as their drawing times and prize amounts.

When it comes to lottos, an effective strategy is to play multiple games with various combinations of numbers – this will increase your odds by increasing the number of tickets in your possession and purchasing from retailers with proven success in selling winners.

In addition to traditional multi-state lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions, state-only games also provide great chances at cash payouts – generally offering lower jackpots but still yielding some serious cash wins!

Lotterie players can also select from an extensive selection of scratch-off games with various themes available at convenience stores, gas stations and local retailers. These scratch-offs can be purchased in any number of retail outlets.

The lottery also offers several mobile-optimized online games that can be enjoyed on smartphones or other portable devices. These allow players to quickly check results, enjoy lottery gaming on-the-go and discover if they are winners – some apps available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play can even be downloaded free of charge for use!

Desiree Fortini-Craft of Hyde Park purchased the winning ticket this week in West Roxbury and won one of Massachusetts’ biggest instant “scratch-off” wins ever, at $25 Million! Her winnings mark two jackpot wins she has had over time; winning another $1 Million prize on another scratch-off game back in 2006.

The Massachusetts Lottery recently held a contest to find an original short song celebrating what it means to live, work, or play in Massachusetts. The winner will receive a $10,000 bonus prize. Additionally, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health they’re working to increase awareness about problem gambling prevention, treatment, and recovery services as part of Problem Gambling Awareness Month throughout March.