See What Sporting Events Are Happening Today

what sporting events are happening today

Discover which sporting events are happening today with this daily updated guide of major broadcasts and games available on TV.

New York City is unrivaled when it comes to hosting world-class sporting events, offering something for every sport fanatic and enthusiast. Home to historic teams and legendary venues – as well as loyal followers – NYC offers something for all sports fans. National Football League teams such as Giants, Jets and Mets compete here while NBA franchises such as Brooklyn Nets & Knicks, National Hockey League Islanders among many more compete here as well.

But sports events don’t only offer thrills and amazing finishes; they also foster an unparalleled sense of camaraderie that unites people from across the world under a common banner of healthy competition. So whether you want an adrenaline rush, or simply to witness such spectacle, here are 10 sporting extravaganzas you should add to your bucket list.