How Does New Gambling Law Affect Online Poker?

Online poker is one of the world’s most beloved casino games, attracting countless fans around the world to its virtual tables. As more people start to participate, new gambling laws may affect this industry in several ways; changes may affect who plays, how much people win/lose and the kinds of casino games available; however it […]

How to Get Maximum Free Games on Slot Machines

Casinos generally provide free slot play based on your gambling history; the more you bet, the higher your odds of receiving free spins on the reels. Furthermore, different slot machines pay out differently; some pay out exponentially while others require specific number of coins per spin to achieve maximum payout. Read the pay table of […]

Are Video Poker Machines Really Random?

Video poker is an exciting casino game with great odds and an element of skill, offering fun and engaging play for its participants. However, some have raised doubts as to whether video poker machines truly randomise play. Gaming regulations stipulate that machines feature random outcomes. An RNG is programmed to randomly generate numbers at up […]

How Are Video Poker Machines Random?

Video poker machines use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each hand and provide replacement cards when the player decides not to keep certain cards – similar to how regular slot machines function. Many people mistakenly believe that video poker machines have winning or losing streaks; this is simply not true. Instead, […]

Are Video Poker Machines Legal in North Carolina?

Since 2002, the General Assembly has made efforts to eliminate video gambling machines found within sweepstakes parlors – which attract customers while raising funds used for illegal operations. House Commerce Committee held a hearing for a bill that would allow video gaming terminals in locations licensed for alcohol consumption and overseen by the state lottery […]

Are Poker Machines Rigged?

Myth: Poker machines are rigged. While casinos may design these games with an inherent house advantage, they are not deliberately programmed to win. Furthermore, these machines are highly regulated and monitored; their code is constantly checked against an approved version on file for comparison purposes. Random number generators Random number generators are used to determine […]