Is Online Gambling Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee residents over 21 and using an authorized operator can legally gamble online using sports betting, horse racing and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), while casino gaming, poker and lotteries are unavailable within state borders. Tennessee’s regulated sportsbooks were introduced on Nov. 1, 2019, offering its residents a safe way to place wagers. Fanatics Sportsbook was […]

Will Medicare Pay For Home Health Care For Dementia Patients?

As dementia takes its toll on a loved one, many families face the daunting task of finding appropriate long-term care solutions for them. Most often this means seeking something familiar while receiving professional medical assistance as needed from qualified personnel. Luckily, Medicare and Medicaid often help cover some costs associated with such home health services […]

How Much Would Universal Health Care Cost?

In terms of per capita healthcare spending across OECD nations, the US ranks highest. Yet even with such high spending we still only rank 28th when it comes to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which guarantees all citizens access to essential health services. Undoubtedly, the UHC challenge is complex and diverse factors such as social, […]

Will One Late Internet Payment Affect Your Credit Score?

Maintaining an excellent credit score is key to qualifying for loans and mortgages, so making your monthly payments on time for credit cards, car loans and mobile phone contracts are of utmost importance. But what happens if one payment falls through? Will this have any adverse repercussions? Answering this question depends on three primary factors: […]

What Does Represented Internet Payment Mean?

If you’re facing this question, chances are you have a chargeback on your hands. Whether you choose to fight the chargebacks on your own or hire a chargeback management company, it’s important that you know what does represented internet payment mean, as well as the card network’s rules, deadlines, and what type of compelling evidence […]

Do All Cryptocurrencies Have a Finite Supply?

Money comes in two varieties — precious metals like gold and fiat currencies that derive their value from being backed by governments. Cryptocurrencies represent a third form of money: digitally stored and transferrable without central authorities or bank middlemen – these characteristics make cryptocurrencies attractive to investors looking for mediums of exchange and stores of […]

How Long Do We Keep Fast Fashion Garments on Average?

As fast and affordable fashion is readily available at high street shops, consumers have become accustomed to changing their wardrobe more frequently than ever before – on average high street clothing only wears seven times before being donated (source: Fashion Revolution). Fashion industry practices have long been recognized for being harmful to the environment, from […]

Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri?

Missouri offers its residents numerous gambling options when it comes to entertainment gambling, from regulated casinos and horse racing to state-sanctioned lottery and more. Online gambling has also grown tremendously and can offer the thrill of real money betting without breaking any laws – yet, remembering to treat gambling purely as entertainment is important! Missouri […]

What Countries Have Universal Health Care?

A large proportion of the world’s population still lacks access to essential health services, leaving many impoverished by out-of-pocket medical costs. This poses a grave global health challenge that requires swift action to restore progress towards universal healthcare coverage (UHC). UHC seeks to ensure all people can obtain the healthcare services they need without facing […]