What Is the Lottery Game in Bars and Restaurants?

New York state introduced Quick Draw, a keno-like lottery game, into bars and restaurants two years ago with hopes that it would attract new players while diversifying its portfolio as it dealt with large declines in traditional “draw” games like Pick-3 and Mega Millions. Unfortunately, however, not everyone’s gamble is paying off: bar and restaurant […]

What is the Best Lottery Game to Play and Win?

No matter your lottery-playing goals or chances, these tips and tricks will help. First of all, it is crucial that you realize picking the same numbers every week does not increase your odds; picking different ones could actually decrease it due to smaller ticket pools. Instead, select random numbers so as to ensure there will […]

Kentucky Scratch Lottery

Kentucky is well known for its bourbon and horse racing industries, but the state also hosts its own lottery system which gives participants the chance to win big while supporting various public programs. Read on for more details regarding this important component of Bluegrass State life! Kentucky offers an impressive range of multi-state lottery games […]

Haven Manor Health Care Center

Haven Manor Health Care Center in Far Rockaway, New York is a large homelike nursing facility containing 240 beds that is certified by Medicare and Medicaid, boasting below average overall ratings with low short-term rehabilitation ratings. Furthermore, this for-profit partnership does not belong to any continuing care retirement community. State inspectors conduct full inspections of […]

Are Crypto Currencies Fake Money?

Cryptocurrency has quickly become the latest craze and appears to have no end in sight. Supported not by central banks with economies to back it up but instead a collective of interlinked computers, billions keep pouring in regardless of scandals and crashes; creating the perfect storm of fraud and nihilism: beauty contest for lumps of […]

Which Florida Lottery Game Produces the Most Millionaires?

The Florida Lottery is the official lottery of Florida, featuring daily drawings with five-of-six numbers and Mega Ball. Additionally, players may choose EZ Match for an additional chance at cash prizes at an additional cost per play of $1 per EZ Match ticket; Multiplier and Double Play options allow them to increase non-jackpot cash prize […]

Where Are the Best Video Poker Machines?

Video poker is a gambling game based on the classic rules of five-card draw poker with an associated pay table. Similar to slot machines, this variant allows you to select which cards to keep or discard before the machine evaluates your final hand and offers various payout amounts depending on its strength. Furthermore, video poker […]

How Do You Play the Mega Millions Lottery Game?

How Can You Play Mega Millions Lottery Game? Mega Millions is one of the United States’ biggest multi-state lotteries, boasting jackpots reaching billions. Although winning is considerably lower compared to other major US lotteries, buying tickets if possible still may be worthwhile if possible. We will cover everything you need to know about playing the […]